Hey there, fabulous fellow local biz!
We're thrilled that you're interested in teaming up with us. At Frakas, we're all about celebrating local creativity and community spirit. Whether you're into pop-up events, co-branding adventures, or have another cool idea up your sleeve, we're all ears!
How It Works:

Fill Out the Form: Tell us a bit about your business and how you'd like to collaborate. The more details, the better! Please include a link to your website and Instagram.

We'll Review It: We promise to read through every single request with care. Your ideas mean the world to us!

What Happens Next: Due to the overwhelming amount of interest (you guys are awesome!), we might not be able to respond to everyone right away. But don't worry - if we see a potential match, we'll definitely reach out!
Whether it's a creative collaboration or a joint event, we're all about making magic happen together.
Looking forward to hearing from you!